About Us

About Our Company

Indy of All Trades is dedicated to providing you, our customer with a high-quality level of service that not only gets the job done well, but adds value at the same time. For example, if you task us with a front entry lockset/deadbolt replacement, we will perform the primary service, but if there is a small improvement we can make along the way (such as re-bore the strike holes to the proper depth or touch up the paint or stain on the jamb), we will do that as part of the service at no additional charge. We firmly believe in the principle of adding value whenever possible. It’s all part of the old philosophy of leaving the work area better than we found it. In our opinion, the little things do matter.

We treat your home the way we treat our home, and that means being finicky about both the appearance as well as the function.


Indy of All Trades offers a wide range of repair and handyman services, both interior and exterior. Some of our services include window and door repair, limited carpentry, sundry household repairs and installations, minor drywall repairs, bath/plumbing and electrical fixtures and replacements, and much more. With nearly twenty years of experience, there’s not too many tasks we haven’t tackled or, at least, been able to resolve with the help of our associated contractor list. Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss the scope of your project and give you a proposal by photos you text us or, if it’s more involved, by stopping by for a free consultation.


We’re dedicated to the handyman and other home improvement service experience for homeowners and commercial property owners everywhere at a price that equates to what it's worth to solve your problem.


We've earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship over the years. We're proud to be the one-call solution for customers that require a wide range of our services.


Our staff is skilled in a wide range of tasks involving general house repairs and maintenance. We'll take care of your pressing issues so you can focus on more essential things in your life.

Call Indy of All Trades today at (317) 402-9633 for more information about us and how we can help you with all your service needs.